Native American Turquoise Bracelets

About Native American Turquoise Bracelets

One thing that the Native American tribes have in common is Native American Turquoise Bracelets. The Native American Turquoise Bracelets are handcrafted from natural materials and utilize silversmith techniques that have been passed down through the generations. The turquoise stone in the Native American Turquoise Bracelets are usually yellow-green to a sky blue in color.

Sterling silver metal is used for the bracelet itself. The harder the turquoise stone is, the better the quality. The matrix of the stone is also a stunning natural aesthetic that the stone takes on from its years of formation. Thie matrix ranges from streaks of yellow and blue to green and shades brown, depending on the gem.

History of Native American Turquoise Bracelets

Native Americans started making silver and turquoise jewelry around 1880. The jewelry that was made with the combination of silver and turquoise was used for barter in the reservations by traders. Around 200 BC, the Anasazi mined turquoise. The Anasazi people would make turquoise jewelry by grinding the stone on rocks. Turquoise was and still is very sacred to the Native Americans. The turquoise stone was worshiped and used as a healing stone. Native Americans believe turquoise was a sky-stone that came from the Great Spirit.

The Native American Turquoise bracelets are made by the Navajo Indians and the Zuni Pueblo nations. The Navajo turquoise bracelets have a series of colors and intricate shank designs. The stones in the Navajo Native American turquoise bracelets are Chunky and set in sterling silver bezel cuts.

The Zuni turquoise bracelets have an intricate pattern with uniform sky blue stones. The Native American Turquoise Bracelets of the Zuni Indians have a geometric mosaic of turquoise stones.

Native American turquoise bracelets have become a popular and fashionable accessory. Many celebrities of today love to wear pieces by Native American artists.┬áThe large amount of turquoise in the Southwest enabled Navajo silversmith’s to become experts at cutting and polishing a variety of Native turquoise bracelets.

Turquoise stones are believed to bring courage, health, luck, and protection when wearing the one of these pieces. Giving a loved one a Native turquoise bracelets will keep the stone pure as long love lasts. Navajo Silversmiths make large raised free from Native American Turquoise Bracelets. The Zuni Indians make their Native American Turquoise Bracelets precisely hand inlaid cuffs. As time passes by, the fascination for the Native American Turquoise bracelet increases.

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