Native American Silver Bracelets

About Native American Silver Bracelets

Native American silver bracelets and other jewelry became a trade item in the late 1800’s when they learned the art of silver working. They created silver bracelets and other jewelry as well as adornments, riding gear and hair pieces. Many of the items, such as the Native American silver bracelets, were designed for either male or females to wear.

Native American Silver Bracelets Tell A Story

Many of the designs and symbols that have been etched or punched into early pieces held a place of importance for the artist. Native American silver bracelets told stories. While some were made strictly for trade markets, others were created to tell a person’s life journey. Natural adornments were important because they relayed a respect of earth and all it offered. Native American silver bracelets showcased badges of strength and honor for the wearer.

Native silver bracelets were rich with symbols that had deep spiritual meaning to many tribes. A few of the more common designs were:

  • Buffalo-represented spiritual protection
  • Arrowhead-represented the adventurer in all of us
  • Feather-represented honor
  • Bear paw-represented inner strength

While these are just a few of the designs and symbols, you can understand why other cultures absorbed these ideas and traded extensively for the Native American silver bracelets and other works of art.

Native American Silver Bracelets Today

Many tribes now create their own versions of the Native American silver bracelets and produce beautiful pieces of artwork. The Apache have been recognized as the first silversmiths but their knowledge was shared widely with other tribes.

Today, most tribes have their own style of jewelry making that tells their own stories using symbols and designs important in their personal cultures on their own Native silver bracelets and jewelry. Many people across the world purchase Native silver bracelets and other items to remind themselves of their own inner strength, honor and love of the earth they inhabit. No other culture has been able to represent the importance of our world like the Native Americans.

People today are interested in the designs, stones, metalwork and personal craftsmanship that handmade Native American silver bracelets display. They appreciate the combination of stones and symbolism to enforce an idea or belief.

A good example of Native silver bracelets use of symbolism would be the turquoise and bear paw combination. The turquoise means emotional balance and stability while the bear paw represents inner strength. The combination reinforces the idea of having internal balance. In today’s crazy world, many people need that sense of security provided by Native American silver bracelets and jewelry.

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